The European Stone Age Gathering

This is the website for the community of the annual European Stone Age Gathering. Here we will provide news from the Stone Age crafts community, share photos of previous gatherings, and much more

Next year will be in Swifterkamp, Netherlands in late July-early August

We are a growing community passionate about living the Stone Age life at least one week every year (and for many much more). Deep knowledge and experiences about practical Stone Age crafts and nature are shared here, a fantastic Stone Age fashion show is usually held with the latest trends in Stone Age haute couture, make Stone Age food, tons of Stone Age experiments, etc. This is also where we make new friends, keep in touch with old friends, learn from each other, and relax at the same time. 

Dress code and time periods

Only Stone Age materials (or Stone Age compatible materials) are allowed. During the day, you need to wear leather clothes (fur, buckskin, …). In the evenings, you are highly encouraged to wear your Stone Age clothes as well, but you can add modern clothes if you get cold.

By Stone Age, we mean periods where people had a mainly hunter-gatherer lifestyle. But we realize that there is not always a clear divide, and that some cultures, such as Swifterband and Pitted Ware had mixed economies. So it is allowed to use objects and inspiration from the Palaeolithic to the Neolithic, as well as similar technology from ethnographic examples.

Clothing from later European periods is not allowed in the daytime. 

Forbidden clothing and items include:

- Wool

- Cotton

- Linen

- Anything woven on a warp-weighted or other stationary loom

- Tablet-woven fabric

- Any other historical or modern clothes

-Ceramics should preferably be point-bottomed (as is known from North and East European ceramic hunter-gatherer cultures)

- Metals are banned

Suggested clothing and technology includes: 

- Fur or buckskin garments

- Bast garments and clothing items

- Basketry

- Ornaments of shells, feathers, etc.

- Stone and flint/chipped stone technology

- Ceramic technology (broadly defined within Mesolithic-Neolithic)

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